The Leadership Team
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   Ron Thiessen has been the pastor of CrossPointe Church since September of 2014.  He is married to his lovely wife, Beth, and they have two children … and a dog, Shadow (who, in Ron’s opinion, gets treated better than the children). Ron and Beth met while he was doing his graduate work at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, and Beth was working as an RN.  Beth grew-up in the Chicago area.  Beth & Ron have been in ministry with the Evangelical Free Church of America since 1990, serving in pastoral ministry in the Chicago area for fourteen years, and Montana for ten years.    Ron enjoys kayaking, riding motorcycles, being in the mountains, playing drums, and riding horses. He also loves jazz, Chicago-style pizza, and reading good books.  Having grown up in Japan to missionary parents, he also has a deep love for all things Asian.  
   If you would ever like to talk to Ron about spiritual, personal concerns in your life, please know that he would love to do so.  Through the reality of Jesus Christ, there is help and support for whatever we are going through in our lives.       
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   Chad and Jennifer Strong have been part of CrossPointe Church for about four years.   They grew-up together in Weatherford, and fell in love when they were sophomores at Weatherford High School.  They were married three years later.  
   The passion of their heart is to see the truth about Jesus take hold in the hearts of people.  They especially want to see this happen in the lives of Jr. and Sr. High School students.   They have been instrumental in the worship, 20s & 30s, and children’s ministries of our church.  
   Jennifer loves farming and has a thing for tractors and dirt.  Chad loves fishing and football.  They both love family and friends, and being together.  Chad also enjoys making things with wood.  Jennifer loves to can vegetables.  Jennifer is the people person in their partnership, and Chad is the quiet, reserved one, but full of insight.  Chad and Jennifer have been married for eight wonderful years.   
Debbie Dehn is our church administrator and keeps CrossPointe Church afloat.  From church communications to managing the facility, Debbie keeps chaos at bay and helps keep us all organized.  She has extensive experience as a Sr. auditor for the State of Oklahoma, and worked for the state for twenty-three years.   Debbie grew up in Weatherford, and has lived in Oklahoma City, Texas, and Kansas.   In addition to serving in the church, Debbie is involved helping many in our community.  When she is not working or serving someone in some way, Debbie enjoys traveling, gardening, and reading.